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Breathing Nature explores natural environments with abstract breathing wild life.
Take a moment to pay attention to your breath 🙂

Breathing Nature

Breathing nature is a project I created in a very stressful time, and it's about going to a inner place where you feel relaxed and can calmly breath amongst the pressure of our daily lives. One of the environments was sold as NFT on Foundation and the whole project got featured by Abduzeedo and two times by Behance.

It's also a reminder for us all to focus on the present, on the very moment you're living instead of worrying too much about the future or past. When you focus on your breathing, you're focusing on the most primal sense you have, on something that you're doing everyday, all the time, even in your sleep - but barely even notice it. Start noticing your breath, and then keep noticing all those things that is happen now. You'll be amazed :) 

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