// Skills:
        Concept Creation, Concept Development, Design, Lookdev, Art Direction

    // Toolkit:    
    Cinema 4D, Redshift, Octane, Photshop, After Effects, Marvelous Designer / Clo 3D, Substance Painter / Designer.

    // Past Experience:

    Clients: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Ebay, Youtube Music, Samsung, Sandisk, Netflix, Motorola and more. 

    Studios: Shapes and Forms LA, Wolf & Crow, Buck, Tendril, NotReal and more.

I am a multidisciplinary designer and art director from Brazil. My work is focused on motion design and 3D visuals for animation for commercials, branded films and product showcases.

    With my creations, I aim to build beautiful and unique surreal worlds, looking for meaningful and eye catching visuals that tells a story, while gathering inspiration from nature, fashion, architecture and sci-fi influences.

    Using my graphic design roots to express myself, I'm curious-driven and passionate to search for harmony and balance between shapes and their interaction with the environments they're inserted into.


3D Artist / Designer