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About me:

    Within my creations, I try to bring objects that are part of our daily lives to unique surreal worlds, aiming to create meaningful visuals that carries a story.

    While gathering inspiration from nature, architecture, fashion and product design, I am driven by curiosity and passionate to search for harmony and balance in this intersection of real life and surreal worlds.


Concept creation and development, graphic design, 3D design, lookdev, animation, art direction.


Cinema 4D, Redshift, Octane, Photoshop, After Effects, Marvelous Designer/Clo 3D, Substance Painter

Past Experience:

    Clients: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Meta, Google, Ebay, Verizon, Youtube Music, Samsung, Sandisk, Netflix, Motorola, 7Up and more. 

    Studios: Buck, Tendril, NotReal, Hornet, Shapes and Forms, Play Studio, Wolf & Crow, Art&Graft and more.

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+55 19 989567437

São Paulo, Brazil

Available worldwide

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